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Safe. Accurate. Reliable.

Oakley Aerial Surveys use sophisticated small unmanned aircraft (also known as UAVs or drones) to produce accurate, reliable surveys for a variety of clients. Based in the north east of England but with clients throughout the UK. Our aim is to produce high quality mapping with a professional service, no matter what your requirements.

  • Experience

    Oakley Aerial Surveys employ experienced land surveyors to produce accurate and reliable survey products, combining aerial data collection methods with conventional ground survey. Our emphasis is on providing a complete package for our clients, from discussing their specifications through to providing the final deliverables.

    With over 50 years of survey experience and operating SUAs since 2015, we have all the neccessary experience and expertise to undertake a wide range of projects.

  • Capabilities

    We are able to produce a range of products from topographical surveys to volumetric calculations to detailed orthomosaics.

    Outputs vary from raw imagery for clients to process themselves, to detailed 3d models or drawings with relevant survey data extracted.

    We are able to cover all aspects of a project, from installing ground control and check points, acquiring the survey information, to processing and extracting final detail.

  • Equipment

    Using a QuestUAV fixed wing SUA, which weighs less than 5kg and is capable of flying up to 70mph, we are able to fly in a wide range of weather conditions and complete fieldwork in a fraction of the time required for conventional survey.

    For relevant projects we can make use of Trimble gps, Total Stations and PPK enabled aircraft to combine with the aerial data in order to meet a client's exact project requirements.

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