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Case Studies

SUAs can be used for wide range of applications, at Oakley Aerial Surveys we specialise in aerial mapping. Our clients use our surveys for a variety of applications from volumetric surveys of mines and quarries, to planning and development, to monitoring of coastal and inland areas.

Below is a selection of projects to demonstrate the type of project suitable to our capabilities and expertise. You may also be interested in our article in Geomatics World

landfill site survey

The measurement of landfill sites can be a hazardous task. Rough ground, loose material, dangerous waste and the presence of mobile plant and lorries all add to the risks involved with carrying out a ground survey. Inaccessible areas and uneven ground can also result in reduced quality in a ground survey.

Using our SUA we were able to vastly reduce the risks involved compared to ground survey. The only access needed on site was to install ground control points and these could be located away from most of the working areas. We were able to carry out the survey using a single flight, lasting approximately 20 mins. Our area of interest was approximately 500 x 300m.

Another advantage of SUAs was demonstrated on this job: we were able to return to the data to generate a volume on a nearby stockpile for the client, despite it not being part of the original order.

topo and ortho extracts

This survey was required by the client to as part of their scheme to incorporate a new venue within their existing development. It was decided to carry out an aerial survey to provide both a survey detail drawing and an orthophoto of the site and surounding area, in order to aid the architect with their design.

All survey data was collected within half a day. Whilst the aircraft was being set up and checked, a limited number of GPS points were taken across the site to act as control and verification points. A 12 minute flight was then carried out to capture the main survey data.

Our client was suitably impressed with the results and found the orthomosiac especially useful during the design phase, leading to further requests on subsequent sites.

proposed site plan

As part of the planning for a proposed development it was decided that an orthophoto was required. This image would be used as a backdrop for the proposed site development, in order to give context for planning decisions to be made.

Whilst there was alternative sources of aerial photography, none were of the quality or accuracy required by our client. A new housing development nearby had led to remodelling of the nearby roads, which ruled out using any historical aerial photography.

Our client was able to use this imagery to compliment their excellent design work and produce highly impressive design documentation as part of their planning application.

old mine shaft high oblique

Whilst being commissioned to carry out a survey for a client, Oakley Aerial Surveys were asked whether it would be possible to capture some imagery on an old mine (Grade II listed) situated just outside the site boundary.

We were able to set up flightlines to capture oblique images on the mine and also produced an orthophoto which was provided to the client as A4 prints.