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About Us

Oakley Aerial Surveys are experienced land surveyors who use fixed wing SUAs to carry out mapping surveys in a safe and effective manner. Based in the north east of England, we carry out work nationwide.

With experience of a wide range of sectors through a background in conventional ground survey, Oakley Aerial Surveys are able to carry out tailored measurment surveys to meet a client's needs.

Working with regular partners we are able to combine aerial data with accurate ground control (and detail if required) in order to produce detailed and reliable 3d models and provide a range of SUA/drone services. Our wealth of experience in all aspects of these projects, both in the air and on the ground, means that we have full control over all aspects of our work.

For enquiries or any other queries please contact us by the following methods:

email: enquiries@oakleyaerialsurveys.co.uk
phone: 07498 577 744
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